Do blood pressure drugs do more harm than good?

Answer On One Hand: Tremendous Potential GoodLowering blood pressure can shield you from heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, dementia and vision loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. Moreov... Read More »

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Is there any wat to get your blood pressure down without any drugs?

Exercise, watch what you eat, try hard to eat as healthy as possible, if you are over weight, lose some of it, and de-stress any way that works for you. Mine was so high that my doctor put me on m... Read More »

How can I lower my blood pressure without drugs?

High blood pressure, known medically as hypertension, is a condition that can develop over the course of several years. According to Mayo Clinic, the more blood a heart pumps combined with a narrow... Read More »

How to reduce Blood pressure without drugs.?

Tunguska Blast! It worked for me!Don't eat a lot of meats. Especially not late at night.Limit consumption of dairy products and hard cheeses.Exercise by taking a walk every day. Preferably late mor... Read More »

Do blood pressure-lowering drugs cause pancreatitis?

On One Hand: Some Drugs Can Cause PancreatitisPharmacological approaches to lowering blood pressure feature thiazide diuretics and beta blockers, according to the book "Pharmacology," by Richard Le... Read More »