How do blind people dream?

Answer They dream about the sounds and feelings.

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Can blind people dream !?

They can only dream in sound, if that makes sense.Stevie Wonder was recently on the Jonathan Ross show and was asked this question and he said NO, because he has no idea what anything looks like, b... Read More »

Do blind people ever dream?

Thank you so much for asking. Though i was born sighted, i have been blind nearly seven years and through residual memory, i usually dream in images. For me, it is a remarkably beautiful experience... Read More »

Do blind people dream && can they see in their dreams?

if they are blind from birth, no. but if they turned blind through out their life, their brain still has memories of vision, and their brain can create images from this in their yes and no.

Really Odd Question But What do you think blind people see when they dream?

Depends if that person was blind from birth , in which case, dreams would only consist of sounds , the same as when they are awake.If they lost sight later in life , their dreams would be from visu... Read More »