Do blind people develop more sensitive senses?

Answer On One Hand: Blind People Do Not Develop Superior SensesNumerous studies have been conducted to determine whether or not the blind develop superior senses to compensate for a lack of sight. When te... Read More »

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How to Develop More Sensitive Taste Buds?

Fortunately, most people have the equipment to do this at home.A crucial part of good cooking and gastronomic skills is an experienced and sensitive sense of taste. The problem is, few people have ... Read More »

Are blind people more intelligent than deaf people?

On One Hand: No, They Are NotAccording to special education teacher Beverlee Byers, there is no proven link between blindness and intelligence or deafness and intelligence. This means there is no r... Read More »

Are people with lighter eyes (blue or green) more sensitive to sun light?

Yes, it has been clinically proven that blue irises scatter and transmit more unwanted light into the retina than brown irises. See the work of TJ van den Burg, a Netherlands physicist specializing... Read More »

At what age does an infant develop senses?

An infant develops each sense at different times after conception while in the womb. The sense of touch develops at eight weeks, scent between 11 and 15 weeks, taste buds between 13 and 15 weeks, s... Read More »