Do black women experience early pregnancy symptoms that are different and more noticeable?

Answer Answer Of course not. A black woman may have different symptoms to her white friend, but this is just normal variation, nothing to do with colour or race.

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Are the symptoms of early pregnancy the same with the symptoms when you are expecting your monthly period?

Answer Yes this can happen your upcoming period can feel like early pregnancy, your stomach can become hard, upset, cramped, ect. Early pregnancy will very rarely be noticed until you miss you peri... Read More »

Is it common for you to develope early pregnancy symptoms a week after being diagnosed with a chemical pregnancy?

Answer Hi,Yes this is a usual occurance hun. Psychologically speaking, when someone finds out something is wrong with them they can begin noticing or experiencing symptoms and the same applies to ... Read More »

How early in pregnancy can you experience morning sickness?

Answer Around six weeks the average. However everyone is different! Some can start few days after conception some will never have it!

How soon can you experience pregnancy symptoms?

I had chest pain as first sign of pregnancy. Went to doctor and refused to do x-ray since i was trying to get pregnant. Pregnancy test was negative a day before. It was stabbing pain for few hours ... Read More »