I have black dots on my nose and they're not freckles. what are they and how do they go away?

Answer Those are really blackheads unless you have some crazy skin disease. They're really hard to remove, however, you can remove them by scrubbing your face every day and taking a bath as often as you c... Read More »

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Why do people hate freckles?

I do not know, freckles are really called "beauty marks"

Is Hip Hop black music that black people dont listen to anymore?

I think you have a "few" racial hangups. You are trying to add music to the new sterotype of racial hangups. It just doesn't work. If you look at the number of "white" undergroud rappers there a... Read More »

Do black celebrities look like typical Black people?

Celebrities of any race typically don't look like normal every day people. Their in another league.

Do white people like light skinned black people better then the dark ones?

Some do, some don't. but most of the time it depends on looks and personality. as you can see, tons of dark skinned black people are with white people and vice versa. it's really a shame that they ... Read More »