Why do black people have "bad" hair?

Answer Okay firstly your question sounds slightly racist! But Africans have curly/ kinky hair (if that's what you mean) because genetically they are born that way. Because evolutionarily, it was a benefit... Read More »

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Why do Black people have nappy hair?

You are being too stereotypical. I'm African-American and have soft, manageable hair and know of several other African-American with "good" hair.

How to Draw Muscles on People?

Drawing is a common pastime for many people. Even though every artist has a slightly different style, you still have to understand the fundamentals to make your figure look human. Many art classes ... Read More »

Can black people have long straight hair?

Your girlfriend is very wrong. Black people can and do have long hair. The problem with short hair in the black community is that so many of us use caustic chemicals or burn our hair to get it stra... Read More »

How to Find People Who Have Gone Into Black Ops?

Finding and identifying the members of the organizations that conduct "black operations" is challenging, but not impossible. "Black operations" is a term applied to military or paramilitary operati... Read More »