I have to ask...Why are people asking how to break their arms/legs/ankles?

Answer I suppose everyone needs a hobby. Self-mutilation is not something terribly new. Ask any psychologist.

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Why can't people on welfare keep their legs close?

because most all wellfair people are prostitutes and dirty hoes. they cant afford condoms or b/c

Can numbness heaviness in arms and legs tender breasts muscle exhaustion tight muscles in feet or legs absentmindedness waking up much earlier than normal all be signs of pregnancy?

Do grasshoppers have ears on their legs?

Long-horned grasshoppers have ears located on the knee joints of their front legs, while short-horned grasshoppers have ears located on their abdomens. The technical name for a grasshopper ear is t... Read More »

Why do grasshoppers have barbs on their legs?

Grasshoppers are insects, found throughout the United States, which mainly feed on plants and grasses. Grasshoppers possess six legs, with each pair serving different functions. The legs are covere... Read More »