How do i gain calf muscle?

Answer Performing a Calf RaiseBegin with the balls of your feet on the floor. As you press the weight up, come up on your toes and squeeze at the top, pausing for a second. Lower your feet back down slowl... Read More »

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What is a calf muscle collapse?

A calf muscle collapse is also known as a pulled calf muscle. This particular type of strain is caused when the foot is twisted upward suddenly causing the calf muscle to stretch beyond its normal... Read More »

How to Tell if a Calf Muscle is Ruptured?

Athletes or outdoors enthusiasts will hurt their legs at some point during their activities. These injuries are often minor and clear up in a couple of days, but there are injuries that can take lo... Read More »

Calf muscle injuries?

Calf muscle injuries occur in either the gastrocnemius or soleus muscle. The gastrocnemius is the large, more obvious calf muscle directly below the knee. The soleus lies directly below it and is a... Read More »

Calf muscle hurts still?

The answer to your question of how long is assuming it is only injury to muscle tissue likely 2-4 weeks. If you tore any tendons as well perhaps longer. Wrap up the injured calf including the ank... Read More »