Do black panthers live in southeast Texas?

Answer Even though people may think that they have seen a black panther in southeast Texas, it is a myth. The black panther does exist, but only in Asia, Africa and Indonesia. Residents of east Texas ofte... Read More »

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Do black roses exist?

In reality, there are no true black roses. There are some that are referred to as black roses, but they are a very deep red or burgundy. Some of the popular varieties of these dark roses are black ... Read More »

Do black orchids exist?

Black orchids do not exist in nature. There are some orchid plants that produce flowers that are a deep maroon color or a dark purple, but they aren't truly black. There aren't any flowers which ar... Read More »

Does black strawberries exist?

well maybe I dont know about black strawbery

How many shades of black exist?

Additive Color Theory states that black exists when there is no color (or light); Subtractive Color Theory states that black is a combination of primary colors. Regardless of which theory one subsc... Read More »