Do (black) ant bites require any special attention?

Answer ant bites are nasty little things!! i'm severely allergic so anytime i get bit-my whole foot,arm,leg,etc swells up and i have to take should be just fine. you can use hydrocortisone cr... Read More »

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Does driving require no awareness or attention?

only if you wish to put your life and the lives of others in danger. asking a question as stupid as this is like asking if it would hurt to shoot yourself in the foot with a .45 caliber gun.

What is the easiest flowers to grow that require little to no attention?

There really are not any that requires no care just less. Try Geraniums. Or you can try Hostas they are not really flowers but some have flowers on them. Also Hostas are beautiful and come in diff... Read More »

When does a hammer smashed finger require medical attention?

Biggest worry with broken skin is infection. keep it clean covered and maybe a topical antibiotic.If after 3 days there is any swelling, pain, redness or discoloration,and no sign of improving, it ... Read More »

Does your child needs any special attention?

Yes, he does not digest fiber well and is highly flatulent.