Do bedbugs live in your clothes?

Answer On One Hand: Bedbugs Can Be Found Almost AnywhereA bedbug infestation can be a major hassle. Aside from residing in mattresses and sheets, bedbugs can be found in any number of places, including cl... Read More »

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Can clothes be hot air-dried (not washed) to kill bedbugs?

On One Hand: Yes, Hot Air Kills BedbugsIn addition to pesticides, bedbugs can also be treated by exposing them to hot and cold temperatures. Most studies and anecdotal evidence suggest a bedbug wil... Read More »

Do bedbugs live in pillows?

Bedbugs--typically picked up in hotels or on travels--can infest your clothing and bedding including your pillows. These insects will remain in your pillows and bedding and reproduce until you kill... Read More »

Do bedbugs live in books&records?

Bedbugs are found most often in mattresses and bedding, because they feed off blood from people and animals, but they will hide anywhere they can fit. Bedbugs have been found in books, luggage, fur... Read More »

Your divorced parents live in the same state but in different towns you want to live with your dad but you live with your mom you are 17 what can you do?

if you really want to live with your dad and not your mom anymore maybe you can talk to your parents and work things out unless your mom has full custody of you just like my friend alyssa's mom doe... Read More »