Are giant pandas really bears?

Answer DNA testing has proved that giant pandas are bears and not related to raccoons, as red pandas are. Giant pandas share some characteristics with red pandas and do not share certain characteristics w... Read More »

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Does HONEY really lightens your hair?

Well first thing, if your hair is dark brown then don't use lemon. It will make it lighter but also orange-y. It's only good for blondes who want their hair an even lighter shade of blonde. It's al... Read More »

Does honey really brighten your eye color?

don't give me annoying I don't think it will work...ok so basically you are saying you dont want the truth?what if honey doesnt do anything?do you want me to lie to you and tell you it works?your e... Read More »

I really like this boy but he doesnt like me but if he always touches you on the leg all the time to kid does he actually like you?

Most likely, yes. Even if he does it as a joke, it shows he has feelings for you. Guys don't usually do that unless they are comfortable with you, trust you, or have feelings for you.

Do you like gummy bears?

personally, they have no taste and have you heard what they're made of? Gross.