Do beans grow faster in clay, soil or sand?

Answer On One Hand: Beans Prefer Organic MatterBeans grow best in rich soil with lots of nitrogen. The BBC's garden guide to beans recommends preparing soil by "digging over and adding plenty of organic m... Read More »

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Do beans grow better in sand, clay or potting soil?

According to Nikki Phipps of Gardening Know How, beans should be grown in a well-drained, fertilized soil. Planting beans in sand or clay is a bad idea. Beans should be planted in an area where the... Read More »

Do plants grow better in potting soil, clay or sand?

On One Hand: Plants Grow Best in Potting SoilPlants need nutrient-rich soil that provides good drainage in order to grow strong and healthy. According to, potting soil gives plant... Read More »

Will a red bean grow faster in clay or soil?

The red bean, a variety of Phaseolus vulgaris, does not grow well in clay. Clay particles are small, so pore space is low. Clay becomes compacted and does not allow circulation of water and air aro... Read More »

How do i add sand to clay soil?

Amending Clay Soil with SandUse a tiller or spading fork to turn the sand in with the clay soil. Avoid working clay soil while it is sopping wet, as it tends to clump and compact further. Use coars... Read More »