Do bean sprouts help you lose weight?

Answer Like any natural food, bean sprouts provide nutrients and necessary supplements to the body. Also, eating bean sprouts in excess within one sitting isn't good for you: Eat healthy and in moderatio... Read More »

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How to Use the Green Bean Diet to Help Your Dog Lose Weight?

We all know it's  important  to keep your dog's healthy weight to prolong her  life.  Exercise  is very important  and so  is diet.  Find  a dog's park  in your area and take your dog the... Read More »

Do you eat the beans on bean sprouts?

With bean sprouts, both the bean and the attached sprout are edible and highly nutritious. With most types of sprouted beans, the bean itself becomes tender and chewy, adding texture to any dish to... Read More »

How do bean sprouts grow?

Many home cooks grow their own bean sprouts in the kitchen, as the healthy, tasty sprouts grow quickly and don't require fancy equipment or a large time investment.TypesThe most common type of bean... Read More »

How to Cook Bean Sprouts?

Bean sprouts are common ingredients in many Asian cuisines and are often found used in salads. The most common come from mung beans, which are sprouted commercially under specific light-dark condit... Read More »