Do batteries last longer if you take them out of an appliance (or whatever) while not in use?

Answer its a perfectly valid questionthe answer depends on the circuitry.if you have a torch - a simple enough circuit containing batteries [power source] bulb [load] and switch [circuit breaker]the switc... Read More »

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Batteries Do duracell/energiser etc. last longer than Tesco brand batteries?

You, are correct darling,What do you need the batteries for? lol I am here sweetheart, all that you will need. :))

Do rechargeable batteries last longer than regular batteries?

Do Batteries Last Longer in the Refrigerator?

So many things run on batteries that you will inevitably want to get the most out of each and every one. There's an old wives' tale that batteries will hold their charge longer if stored in the ref... Read More »

Do batteries last longer when you let them die before you charge them again?

I've been a TV broadcast engineer working with portable news equipment since the 1970's. For consumers, the 'charge memory' has been pretty much a myth. It's true enough, but under very limited c... Read More »