Do basil seeds do better in the dark or in the light?

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Do I look better with dark or light hair?

Your natural color is awesome. However if you're kinda set on going dark, try a semi-permanent washes out in a few weeks. All the fun with none of the potentially horrifying consequences... Read More »

Does Moss Grow Better in the Dark or the Light?

Mosses are simple non-vascular plants that reproduce sexually and asexually. Moss grows best in partial or complete shade and often appears in areas where turfgrass struggles. Adjusting the conditi... Read More »

Which would look better....dark wall color and light trim or vice a verse?

Dark diminishes. Light enlarges. If you want the hallway to look larger then paint it in lighter color with dark trim. Generally looks best this way anyway.

Can you freeze basil seeds?

2/2/09 Unintentionally my basil seeds froze in my garden shed! Last week I thought I'd better try to see if they would germinate...I planted several and 7 have germinated so far. I too hope the r... Read More »