Do barrel cactus plants need carbon dioxide or oxygen?

Answer A barrel cactus [Echinocactus and Ferocactus spp] needs both carbon dioxide and oxygen. It needs to take in carbon dioxide, for its photosynthetic interaction with sunlight. It needs oxygen, which ... Read More »

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Do plants use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen?

How to Measure Oxygen Saturation & Carbon Dioxide Concentrations?

Oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide saturations can both be measured by a pulse oximeter that is equipped with a carbon dioxide detector. The pulse oximeter and carbon dioxide detector is used for... Read More »

How a tree changes carbon dioxide into oxygen?

Oxygen is the waste product of the process photosynthesis. The tree uses carbon dioxide, water and sunlight (this is trapped by the green pigment in leaves called chlorophyll), to create glucose. O... Read More »

Is carbon dioxide loaded&oxygen unloaded in systemic circulation?

Red blood cells in the systemic circulation--everywhere along the bloodstream except for the heart and lungs--deliver oxygen to all the cells of the body to use for cellular respiration. As oxygen ... Read More »