Do barometers need to be set?

Answer Decorative home barometers have an adjustment screw on the back. Turn this screw and a dial on the face of the barometer moves. Weather reports on local television, radio and the Internet give the ... Read More »

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Applications for Barometers?

Barometers are useful for much more than providing wall or desk decoration. Highly accurate barometers take barometric pressure, or atmospheric pressure, readings for use in many scientific applica... Read More »

What Do People Use Barometers For?

A barometer measures the pressure, or weight, of the atmosphere. Invented in 1643, the barometer's role in weather forecasting began in the late 19th century. Modern meteorologists most commonly us... Read More »

Who invented barometers?

Evangelista Torricelli created the first working barometer, according to the New World Encyclopedia. He created it in 1643 at the University of Pisa. He is famous for his quote, "We lived submerged... Read More »

Directions for Reading the Settings on Barometers?

Torricelli, a mathematician and colleague of Galileo, invented the barometer in 1643. Scientists and meteorologists still use barometers today. A barometer measures air pressure, which indicates we... Read More »

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