Do bananas really help period cramps?

Answer deffinately.i used to get severe cramps, like i would actually throw up and sometimes had to go to the hospital. i took a motrin and a banana everyday and the cramps got better andbetter.

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I'm having really bad cramps, had bleeding while not on period and i'm on birth control please help.?

Get to a doctor.Get to a doctor.Get to a doctor.WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? GET TO A ******* DOCTOR!!!

Do bananas help with menstrual cramps?

On One Hand: Potassium Helps CrampsBananas can help deter cramps because of their high potassium content, according to Stanford University's Sexual Health Peer Resource Center. One banana has 26 mi... Read More »

Anal cramps during period! help!!?

Ohh dear God I know exactly what you are talking about!! Ow they hurt!! This is going to sound silly but you get contractions in your butt 'cuz it's pushing down the umm.poop. Like contractions in ... Read More »

Intense period cramps! please help me!?

Hi there: Here is something that will help you with the pain. Drink some warm ginger okay? it will help you .No you do not need any benzo mds. Like the so called Dr is telling you about. You have a... Read More »