Do bananas help with menstrual cramps?

Answer On One Hand: Potassium Helps CrampsBananas can help deter cramps because of their high potassium content, according to Stanford University's Sexual Health Peer Resource Center. One banana has 26 mi... Read More »

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Do bananas really help period cramps?

deffinately.i used to get severe cramps, like i would actually throw up and sometimes had to go to the hospital. i took a motrin and a banana everyday and the cramps got better andbetter.

Do bananas help you gain weight?

No, but they are part of a healthy balance of food.

Does smelling apples or bananas help you lose weight?

Apparently it's true and none of these fools took the time to look it up. =)If you've been sampling all the trendy diets that have hit the U.S. market in the last few years, you probably think you'... Read More »

HELP!!!! My cramps are killing me!!!?

You should lay down and relax for a while or sleep