Do bananas have to be yellow?

Answer Bananas can be yellow, red or purple

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How many bananas do you have to eat every day to make it healthy?

3 is fine but if you have disease regarding lacking of potassium you might need 5 bananas a day. Do not eat too much because it may inrease your potassium level and may cause constipation and may l... Read More »

I have bananas that are not edible, what can I do with them?

aww bless your heart. agree with the first comment, give to local zoo. you can make banana chips! make kabobs. fruit chunks with water melon, pineapple, strawberry. hope this helps

Have,today got 7 bananas, ready and ripe. I cannont stomach raw nanas, suggestions ple?

Is it true the more bananas you eat the more body hair you'll have?

Yes, because bananas contain vitamins B, C, A, K and E. People take these vitamins through pills to make their hair grow faster and be healthy in general but the bananas have them naturally in them... Read More »