Do bamboo trees make good houseplants?

Answer Answer Bamboo is an attractive house plant.---Just remember that they require high light and sandy soil.

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What are examples of some good houseplants?

Lucky Bamboo is a great house plant that needs very little care; a bit of water when it seems low and indirect sunlight.all depending on what you are really looking for. if you are looking for a la... Read More »

How to Grow Chinese Bamboo Trees?

Growing Chinese bamboo trees in your home landscape is beneficial. It can be used as a backdrop for a garden, a screen from the sun or a fence between neighbors. A bamboo tree is an evergreen plant... Read More »

Can I spread clumping bamboo trees by cutting the stems and planting them?

He has a CLUMPING bamboo folks, it is NOT invasive. Runners can be and must be contained. And it CAN be propagated from cuttings!!! It is harder than rhizome division and the % success depends on t... Read More »

Trees That Make Good Hedges?

Shrubs can make a good formal hedge, topping out at 4 to 5 feet. If you want to plant trees as a hedge, you must expect a 6 to 20 foot hedge or privacy screen when they reach maturity. Before plant... Read More »