Do baby ostrices poop a lot?

Answer It depends on how much they eat.

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What do you do if your baby ate dog poop?

While eating excrement is not a good thing by any means, and does present health hazards, typically if an infant does not eat a huge amount (something I've never heard of and think is nearly imposs... Read More »

How to Remove Baby Poop Stains?

Caring for a baby involves a variety of different tasks, from feeding to bathing to doing laundry. When the inevitable occurs and your baby's diaper leaks onto clothing, take fast action to prevent... Read More »

Why does a baby poop so much?

Because it drinks so much milk or eats so much dumb sh!t

Can a baby poop while in the womb?

Yes, After a certain age. But this will not harm the mother or the fetus unless the fetus consumes it feces (which can be okay but may need care after delivery). Usually when this happens it is a s... Read More »