Do baby fish shed their scales?

Answer Baby fish do not shed their scales. The only reason a baby fish's scales would fall off, according to U.S. Department of Energy, is because the fish is injured.Source:U.S. Department of Energy: Fis... Read More »

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What Plants Can Use Fish Scales as Fertilizer?

Every part of the fish is an effective fertilizer, providing necessary nutrients to plants. Fish fertilizer exists in two forms: liquid emulsion or home composted fish remains. Though fish scales a... Read More »

Do salmon fish have fins&scales?

There are several different types of salmon including the sockeye and the chinook. All salmon have fins and scales. The scales are smooth and the fins have soft rays, except for the small, fatty ad... Read More »

Are fish scales an effective biodegradable plastic?

On One Hand: You Can Make Plastic From Fish ScalesPlastics are extremely useful materials. Their biggest drawback is that they are virtually non-biodegradable. In 2010, you can find a lot of resear... Read More »

When can baby fish be welcomed into a tank with adult fish?

Keep the baby fish in the clear bags they came in when purchased, or mesh bags. Place the bag into the tank for one hour. Make sure the tank has plenty of hiding spots, such as plants and rocks, fo... Read More »