Do baboons have color vision?

Answer Like most primates, baboons have color vision. Like human beings, they are trichomatic—they can distinguish the three basic pigments--blue, green and red--according to the Oxford Journals. In thi... Read More »

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Do hamsters have tails?

Hamsters have short, stubby tails. They are stout-bodied with tails that are much shorter than their body length. Hamsters also have small furry ears, wide feet and short stocky legs.Source:Hiltop ... Read More »

Why dont humans have tails?

The debate still continues as to whether we do or do not, or, did or did not. Evolutionists believe we did and still do in the shape of a 'vestigial organ'; i.e. the coccyx (tail bone). A 'vestigia... Read More »

Do whales have flippers or tails?

Whales have two flippers they use for steering and turning themselves through the ocean. The whale's tail is used to climb up or down in the water. Some whales will also splash the water as a means... Read More »

List of Reptiles that have Spikes on their Tails?

Reptiles developed millions of years ago and often retain the superficial appearance of their ancestral dinosaur heritage. While dinosaurs had spiked tails for defense, modern reptiles have spiny t... Read More »