Frozen babies are normal like other babies do they have any abnormalities?

Answer Answer There is not such a thing as "frozen babies". If you mean embryos, then there is no scientific proof that they are any more likely to result in a child with physical or mental disabilities ... Read More »

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How many babies can you have on babies first steps ds game?

You can have 1 baby per game. If you finish the game you get another baby.

If two twin couples have babies do the babies come out identical?

Yes exactly and they also come out as twins.. no matter what. So basically you get quads but you have to be careful they do not get physically attracted to their cousin assuming they are of opposit... Read More »

How to Walk on Your Kneecaps?

Walking on your kneecaps involves going into a pretzel position and setting yourself upright, then walking on your kneecaps. It's a good demonstration of both flexibility and balance (and quite ent... Read More »

Broken kneecaps how long does it take to get back to normal?

It usually takes 2-3 months for broken knee caps to get back to normal.