Do babies cry in a moms stomach?

Answer No. They do not.

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Do you ever wonder what all the other moms and babies on here look like?

what a good looking family!

Any of you moms use these products on your babies?

Honestly I've given up. I'm sure the chair I'm sitting in right now probably puts off some kid of radiation that will cause cancer... I'm sure my carpet has some kind of cancer causing chemical, al... Read More »

Breastfeeding moms of toddlers and babies?

My daughter also uses nursies but alot of the time will just start sucking when her brother does. We nurse in public alot and i don't cover up unless i think she is gonna latch off.

How many babies get put up for adoption by teen moms?

When they become pregnant, very few teens choose to place their children for adoption. In a 1995 survey, 51% of teens that become pregnant give birth; 35% seek abortions; 14% miscarry. Less than 1%... Read More »