Do babies come with everything that she needs?

Answer No.

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How to Carry a Bag With Everything a Girl Needs?

Whatever the occasion or event, a girl always needs her essentials right there. So why not carry a bag with everything?

Do Ipod touch 4Gs come with the head phones that have the mic attached like the ones that come with the Iphone 4?

If two twin couples have babies do the babies come out identical?

Yes exactly and they also come out as twins.. no matter what. So basically you get quads but you have to be careful they do not get physically attracted to their cousin assuming they are of opposit... Read More »

Would it be ok for a teen to get pregnant if she has everything she needs?

That's the same question I ask myself everyday. I'm 16 and in a great relationship with my boyfriend. He loves me, I love him, and we both have discussed the "baby" issue. He wants to be a father a... Read More »