Do babies be born feet first?

Answer babies born feet first gave a lot problem in the birth room. Mainly most babies are born heard head first.

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Can babies see when they are first born?

Yes, but most of it is blurry beyond 12inches. But they can see your face when you hold them.

Why do babies cry when they're first born?

Maybe it's because they are in a new world and it's a wide open world. They're not used to all the noise and space.

Can babies have ADD when they're first born?

yes ADD and ADHD are both genetic which means that people get them while still unborn, It only is obvious that people have it around 3rd grade when overactive stops being part of school

Can babies have ADHD when they're first born?

ADD is a brain wiring pattern, and is a genetic trait. So, yes, if it is ADD, it was likely present at birth. It usually won't be noticed at birth, however.