Do automobile insurance policies cover flooding?

Answer According to, if you add comprehensive coverage when purchasing your policy of insurance you will be covered for damages other than collision. This may include theft, flood, hittin... Read More »

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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance cover abortions in any of their policies?

Yes, they do. At least the PPO plan does. It covers 85% of the cost if your deductible has been met.AnswerDepends if your PPO or HMO.AnswerI assume you mean elective. Yes.In every state, BCBS has a... Read More »

What does the term co-insurance mean on health insurance policies?

In health policies co-insurance is a percentage of covered expenses that insured is required to pay in addition to co-payment and deductible For example if you have an 80/20 plan, the insurance co... Read More »

What is the basic criteria of insurance being primary in the case of two or more insurance policies?

%DETAILS% Answer This is a confusing question...The answer is

If flooding and rising waters causes a bent rod in your car will it be covered under a insurance policy?

Answer I seriously doubt it. Your auto insurance doesn't cover flood damage and your home insurance doesn't cover automobiles. The best thing to do would be to call your insurance representatives ... Read More »