Do aunts have rights to see their nephews?

Answer I need help because my sisters wants visitations right after i moved out of the house and they takeing me to court this is going on for 1 1/2 my son is 12 years and i have full custody of him the m... Read More »

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Are nephews of aunts-in-law beneficiaries?

Anyone, related or not, is a beneficiary if named as such in an insurance policy, IRA, or will. Which relatives are the beneficiaries of the estate of someone who dies without leaving a will is a m... Read More »

What was Scrooges nephews name?

What is mickeys nephews names?

'Anthropomorphic' means to give something human characteristics. There are different degrees of anthropomorphism - an animal may just talk or think like a human, or walk and dress like one too, or ... Read More »

Why don't you see Mickey Mouse's nephews in more cartoons?

Well I do But some people might think that it is kidish...Like i am 10 and i am still kind of a kid but still i do watch it with my little nephew ezra!!!