Do attic vents help lower utility costs?

Answer On One Hand: Attic Vents Will Help Remove Hot AirThe attic isn't generally thought of as an area to lower utility costs, but installing an attic vent may help to do just that. The attic vent allows... Read More »

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Is it possible that someone can be living in the vents/attic of my house?

Well...I don't really want to scare you...but, back in the 60s, I heard a story on the news that I'll never forget...A guy came home, a Marine, to his parent's (and his) home, and found them chopp... Read More »

Are attic vents necessary on a metal roof?

On One Hand: Attic Vents Are Necessary On a Metal RoofProper ventilation is necessary no matter what type of building material is used, wood metal, asphalt shingles, fiberglass shingles it makes no... Read More »

Should you close attic vents during the winter?

Attic ventilation can be as important in the winter as in the summer. The vents allows the air space in the attic from having a build up of moisture. With the vents closed, there could be times the... Read More »

How to Install Gable Vents in Attic?

Proper ventilation is essential for the health of your house. Unventilated attics can put extra burden on air conditioning units and allow damaging moisture to build up leading to problems such as ... Read More »