Do astronauts sleep in a bed?

Answer While in outer space, astronauts typically sleep in sleeping bags strapped to a bunk bed, chair or the wall. Space shuttles generally contain only four bunk beds, so on missions that include more t... Read More »

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How astronauts sleep in space?

I had the experience of sleeping in space when I was in a probe to the moon in the Apollo 11 mission. Astronauts have sleeping bags to sleep in, it helps people to not drift around when sleeping. I... Read More »

What is the thing astronauts sleep on called?

a wall. they sleep in a sleeping bag against the wall of theier craft.

How many hours do astronauts sleep each night?

Astronauts generally sleep eight hours each night, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Since there is no gravity in space, astronauts sleep in sleeping bags and attach t... Read More »

Why do astronauts want to be astronauts?

Astronauts want to be one of the few people who get to go into space, to experience living in a weightlessness environment, to look down on the earth from above, and to fully appreciate the vast em... Read More »