Do aquarium fish sleep?

Answer Fish do sleep, even though they are unable to close their eyes. Signs of a sleeping fish include faded color, lack of movement except for a regular beating of the front fins and resting on the bott... Read More »

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What fish are compatible with molly aquarium fish?

Some compatible tank mates for molly fish are plecostomus, platies, guppies and larger varieties of tetras. Because of their flowing fins, mollies do well with most fish that are neither aggressive... Read More »

Fish Aquarium Fish Resources?

Imagine being transported to a peaceful blue spring or a colorful tropical reef -- without leaving home. If you are one of the growing number of home aquarium owners in the U.S., you no doubt know ... Read More »

Why are all my fish at the top of the aquarium?

Aquarium fish can hang out at the top of an aquarium for many reasons. Some are behavioral, some are natural and others may indicate a problem. If your aquarium fish remain at the top of the aquar... Read More »

Can you keep fish&turtles in the same aquarium?

You can keep certain types of fish in the same aquarium as turtles. Plecostomus and rosy barb fish can live well with turtles and will also eat any algae that forms in the aquarium.References:Austi... Read More »