Do apps cost money?

Answer not all of them but MOST of them sadly, you just need an apple account.

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Does it cost money to run apps besides for buying the apps in the first place on the iPhone 3GS?

no, once the app is purchased ,to play it or run it doesn't cost money :) hope this helps,lex

Does it cost money to buy apps on an ipod touch?

Most apps that are games are 99 cents or 1.99. Some other apps are more expensive. There are also some free apps.

Does it cost money to play android apps games?

Yeah only if you buy the paid version of the game, almost every game of android offers two different versions lite (free) & pro (Paid). It depends on you which one you download. In their paid versi... Read More »

Will it cost you money if you download apps from installous on your ipod touch?

No it does not. All apps from installous are free but you will not be able to sync the apps into itunes. you will not be able to sync unless you delete the apps. If you get appsync from cydia you c... Read More »