Do appliances such as washing machines use electricity when they are turned off but still plugged in?

Answer Yes, if your appliances have electronic clocks or timers as part of their equipment then there will be an electrical consumption of power. It will be very minimal costing probably a few cents a month.

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Does leaving appliances plugged in use electricity?

Most appliances do not use electricity when they are plugged in. Exceptions are items that use standby power. Some items use a small amount of electricity to run a clock, such as a microwave. Ot... Read More »

Do your appliances really consume electricity while not in use, if still plugged in?

Is it true that just because a tv is plugged in, it still uses electricity even though it may be turned off?

Yes, it uses very little electricity, but still uses electricity to keep the sensor powered that detects when you hit "power" on the remote control. That and no electric switch is perfect. Even i... Read More »

Do lamps use electricity when plugged in but not turned on?

Most lamps shouldn't draw electricity when they're turned off, unless the lamp has a built-in AC adapter. Appliances with AC adapters or a "standby" mode will continue to draw power, called "vampir... Read More »