Do appliances use electricity while off?

Answer Even when switched off, many home appliances consume small amounts of electricity. This continuous electric current is normally used for functions other than the device's primary purpose.Phantom Lo... Read More »

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Are there any problems using appliances purchased for 120v 60Hz electricity on 120v 50Hz electricity?

A very important note There is no such thing as a 120 volt 50 Hz service! (But see >> Correction!

What appliances, etc. uses the most electricity?

Air conditioning is almost always the largest energy usage of any building, commercial or residential. It will account for probably 2/3 or more of your energy usage during the summer. The refrige... Read More »

Do appliances use electricity when they're not turned on?

Many modern appliances continue to use electricity, even when turned off. Appliances that recharge batteries, operate by remote control, or have active displays, such as a clock, are especially pro... Read More »

Do your appliances really consume electricity while not in use, if still plugged in?