Do apples have horseradish in them?

Answer No, apples do not have horseradish in them. Apples are apples and horseradish is horseradish. They can be combined, but are obtained separately.

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What does the saying"how bout them apples"mean?

The saying, "how bout them apples" means "What do you think of that?" It is usually used to express excitement or admiration, and it has nothing to do with apples.References:The Free Dictionary: Ho... Read More »

What can i do with 10lbs of apples Im getting bored of eating them as is. I need some simple healthy?

You didn't say if it was just you, or if there were more in the household ejoying those apples. But thanks for this question. I came across a lot of wonderful apple recipes. Some I'll make for fr... Read More »

I have many old printers. Do they have value to anyone Must I dump them Can't I give them to someone?

Donate them to a school or Good will and get a tax write off, it willb e more than selling them

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Most people only know about artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) for getting clarity. Nearsighted artificial corrections give us clarity but they make the image smaller on the retina.... Read More »