Do anyone work in Early Childhood, do you need a degree to....?

Answer It depends on what state you're working in and what age group you want to work with. Technically, "early childhood" is birth through age 8. If you're planning to work in kindergarten, first, or sec... Read More »

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Is an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development the same as one in Early Childhood Specialist?

Yes, there is a difference. An Associates degree in Early Childhood Development (CDA), has several hours of training in 8 different areas; as with the Early Childhood Specialist you have training ... Read More »

Is there a degree in early childhood?

I'm currently a Early Childhood Education major. The degree is usually done taking the same courses as an Elementary Education Major but you take special emphasis courses on Early Childhood. The ... Read More »

What is an early childhood education degree?

An early childhood education degree allows its recipients to teach elementary school grades, usually considered Pre-K through the third grade. The degree can be an associates or a bachelor's degree... Read More »

Early Childhood Education Degree Checklist?

More than 175,000 kindergarten and 1.5 million elementary teachers work in the United States, according to the United States Department of Labor. Before becoming teachers, these individuals complet... Read More »