Do any vegetarians live without leather?

Answer I wont have leather in my house.An animal died to make that snazzy item,so no i buy items that are either vegan or veggie suitable.That includes shoes,you can google vegan shoes and see we do brill... Read More »

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Can vegetarians wear leather?

Whether a vegetarian can wear leather is a moral decision that person must make. Some are vegetarians for health reasons, and they may not have an issue with wearing leather. Those who are vegetari... Read More »

How many vegetarians/vegans to do you know who own leather shoes and or clothing?

I only wear human skin boots and have several human hair hats

Vegetarians and vegans - would you sit on a leather sofa at a friend's house?

I would sit on it but inside I'd be hating it and, although I'd try to, it would be hard to think of other things while sitting on it. I wouldn't refuse to sit on it because I wouldn't want to make... Read More »

Do vegetarians generally tend to not buy products made from leather or other animal skin / fur?

Vegetarianism is strictly about diet, so, theoretically, one can call themselves a vegetarian and wear fur and use products tested on animals.Generally speaking, however, I believe most try to avoi... Read More »