Do any other surgeons like to tell jokes in the operating room?

Answer I'm sure some will tell some mild jokes, as I have heard their conversations while having surgery.

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Why are people nasty and tell jokes about those with Down syndrome and other special needs?

It is certainly not at all funny to tell jokes about those with Down Syndrome and other special needs. How would you like it if people made fun of you for a medical condition that you can't help? P... Read More »

Why is windows more prone to malware attacks than other operating systems like the one the mac has ?

That's all true ^ , but I think the biggest reason is because for most of their histories, Windows has had a significantly larger market share than Macs, so if you were a blackhat, who would you ta... Read More »

What is like in the operating room and what anesthesia like?

It's kind of cold, especially the table you are on. Very clean-looking and sterile, and white. And anesthesia is like they give it to you, and then the doctors will be talking to you for a minute o... Read More »

How to Tell Nonsense Jokes?

Nonsense jokes can be really a nonsense, but funny too.