Do any one know what percentage to give a waiter or waitress for a good tip.?

Answer U cheap fux need to stay your broke @sses at home and learn to cook. They are taxed on all reciepts they turn assuming they earn 15%. So if they turn in 1000 bucks worth of reciepts, Uncle Sam as... Read More »

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Is it totally inappropriate to not tip a bad waiter/waitress, or just give a small tip?

I usually give a small tip; so they know I didn't just forget, but I thought they were a sucky waiter or waitress.

What do u think when a waitress/waiter ask"does everything taste allright?

i'm a waitress part time and i can see what exactly you mean. Personally i would never ask that when i do a check back i ask them "hows everything ok" if theres a problem i want my customers to let... Read More »

How much do you tip a waiter/waitress What determines your tip amount Also, where are you from?

The 15% standard became custom when servers were paid at least minimum wage. Since then the Labor dept. has allowed employers to use what is known as a "tip credit", this allows them to pay an alt... Read More »

How to Earn a Decent Tip As a Waiter or Waitress?

How may I serve you?So you've seen the articles covering "how to tip" and "why you should always tip." Well, here's the corollary to that! Waiters and waitresses, read up!