Do any of you use cough syrup or cold medicine when you need help falling asleep?

Answer Yes, I do, but only on an occasional night I just cannot sleep.I have seasonal allergies, and find that 2 teaspoons of children'sBenadryl Allergy ( cherry flavor)(I'm an adult) does the trick for m... Read More »

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Just drank some expired cough/cold medicine?

I think that most likely the worst thing to happen is that the medicine will not work on your symptoms because the active ingredients are inactive.

Does Alka seltzer cough and cold dissolve medicine work well?

Alka seltzer is for heartburn and indigestion relief not colds and flu.Get some flu capsules and cough mixture and cough lollies from pharmacy/chemist. Take Vitamin C and drink lemon and honey (w... Read More »

I have had a hard time falling asleep this week. Is it harmful in any way to take Benadryl to fall asleep?

No harm. It's an anti-histamine, which means has an anti allergic action and also has a sedative effect.Caution - do not make it a habit. Use other methods for getting a good sleep at night -* G... Read More »

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, what adive do you have to fall asleep quickly?

I was also having problems falling asleep, doing so around 3-4am, au aunt told me about Melatonin, its a natural pill. i tried it...and literally about 30-60 minutes later i could barely keep my ey... Read More »