Do any of you, use Facebook Can you tell me a bit about it please?

Answer I have good news and bad news.Good news first:Facebook is amazing. It lets you keep in touch with people whom you would normally not think about or hear from in a very long time. At once easier and... Read More »

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Please tell me about hardware that how to install linux & tell something about it because i want format my pc?

Hardware is generally well supported in Linux despite what many will tell you. Assuming you are working with Windows Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as ... Read More »

Please tell me no one saw this post I made on Facebook!?

Ah. It showed up - ouch - on the plus side if you deleted it quick the only people who saw were those on their homescreen during those 40seconds. maybe not alot of people xxx

Can you please tell me something about printers?

what you using a printer for.laser is cheapest.laser has a beaminkjet...inkdot in ribbon is hit by a keys to make impression.thats $85 lesson.have fun

Help: I'm nervous about using Facebook!!! (no haters please)?

I have done this before, so I did my research before i tried it, good thing u r asking too! go with facebook, because it is a proven fact that myspace has found a way to give u a virus no matter wh... Read More »