Do any foods help preserve teeth What about milk?

Answer Milk is good because of the calcium. Milk is NOT good if you leave it on your teeth. It has lactose--milk sugar--in it and it will rot your teeth if you don't rinse your mouth after you drink it.... Read More »

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How to Preserve Vitamins in Foods?

Since our bodies need vitamins to stay at optimum health, retaining as many vitamins as possible in the food you eat makes this goal a little easier. Explore several cooking methods, techniques and... Read More »

Do disinfectants preserve foods?

Although disinfectants kill bacteria, they have no effect on the preservation of food items. Actually, disinfectants contain carcinogenic compounds and solvents unfit for human consumption, and fed... Read More »

How does a refrigerator preserve foods?

Answer Bacterial activity is inhibited at low temperatures. When they're cold, their chemical processes slow down, so they aren't able to reproduce and eat like they do at room temperature, so th... Read More »

Need help getting the truth out about the cures of natural foods?

Giving out advice implies that you hold a professional qualification, and your intended audience would have that expectation. You could either study for a qualification as a dietician, or set up a... Read More »