Females Tattoo's ?

Answer I personally, and stronglly agree wth the question asker, jimmy the one, mostly in the area of so called "AR*E ANTLERS". My wife,and I and my three year old son where in a crowded lift, when chavi... Read More »

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This is a question for all females?

Wow that's a great idea! =] I like itHmmm..This is quite hard for me, because I have a lot of insecurities but I tend to hide them from others so they think I'm happy with who I am. Fake I know.I g... Read More »

How to Seduce Anyone (for Females)?

Have you ever wondered how to make that amazing man across the room look at you? You have to feel seductive. Before you can succeed in seduction you have to be confident, and secure within yourself... Read More »

Can females join the Marines?

Women can join the Marines. The first female recruit joined this branch of the military in 1918. At that time, Opha Mae Johnson signed on with the Marine Corp Reserves. It took an additional 23 yea... Read More »

Is it easier for males or females to get HIV?

A woman is more biologically and psychologically susceptible to HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection than a man. Women, particularly young women, often find it hard to discuss safe sex prac... Read More »