Why do females cry more than males?

Answer Females cry easily. However, psychologists, sociologists, behavioral therapists and laypersons observe that males also cry in dire situations.Theories/SpeculationThe perception that females cry mos... Read More »

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What causes incontinence in females?

The loss of control of the bladder is a common problem for women, according to the Mayo Clinic. But incontinence can stem from a variety of reasons, some mild and others quite severe.SignificanceAc... Read More »

This is a question for all females?

Wow that's a great idea! =] I like itHmmm..This is quite hard for me, because I have a lot of insecurities but I tend to hide them from others so they think I'm happy with who I am. Fake I know.I g... Read More »

Any females want to become a model?

anybody who is about to answerr this dont d it! it could easily be a scam(i can be wrong btu safety first )

(Females only) Do you sleep with a bra on?

heck no. i dont want breast cancer. over 75% of women who wear a bra 24/7 get breast cancer. Women who wore their bras 24 hours per day had a 3 out of 4 ch... Read More »