Who are most beautiful women on Y!A?

Answer There are some people that are more beautiful on the inside than outside .......

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Why is it that sometimes the most beautiful women seem ugly?

perfection can become very boring sometimes. they could be very beautiful, but they must suck at something, not necessarily stupid, you rarely see someone so good looking and deep at the same time.... Read More »

Do you think women are more beautiful with makeup on?

A womans beauty has little to do with whether she wears makeup or not.The beauty of a woman is in her smile, her heart, it's her kindness, her warmth, her willing to help those in need,her nurturi... Read More »

Who has been the most beautiful women ever in history?

Where can I date big&beautiful women?

Big and beautiful women, also known as BBWs, have a large group of admirers. While popular culture emphasizes a slender shape as an important aspect of beauty, there are a number of resources avail... Read More »