Do ants like lemon or sugar better?

Answer in my experience lemon sprays such as cleaners will repel the ants haven't tried an actual lemon though. When i say repealed the ants i mean repealed them they left in under a minuite and there was... Read More »

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Can you use icing sugar instead of sugar for lemon pie meringue?

Substitute 1 3/4 cups powered sugar for each 1 cup of granulated sugar listed in the meringue recipe. Powdered sugar may produce a glossy meringue with a low volume. The cornstarch in powdered suga... Read More »

Best Way to get rid of sugar Ants?

Mix oil with sugar and leave a dish of it out. They will all be gone.

Why do ants like sugar?

Precisely why they like honey. It's sweet, delicious, and full of energy.

How do i get rid of sugar ants?