I drink a lot of soda, iknow the acid is bad for me, if i drink water. Will it flush out thr acids?

Answer Soft drinks cause dehydration. Dehydration turns the body acidic. An acidic environment is conducive to developing health problems.Without water nothing lives. There is no substitute for water. Wat... Read More »

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How many cups of water are you supposed to drink and do you actually drink that much?

8 glasses of water. Each glass should be 8 ounces. So 64 ounces of water a day... and yes I get my daily amount. Remember water is in soda, juice drinks, and Gatorade type drinks. So those DO c... Read More »

Why are ants coming in my water jug?

i think something wrong with your glass. the side of your glass not properly cleaned.

Can ants live in water?

Ants live in practically all types of environments on land. However, ants cannot permanently live in water. They can remain under water for an extended period of time, some as long as 14 days, but ... Read More »

Can ants live in water for up to fourteen days?

Some species of ants can actually survive underwater for up to 14 days. They do this by going into a state of hibernation, which slows down their body operations and decreases the need for oxygen.... Read More »