Do antiperspirants cause cancer?

Answer On One Hand: No Evidence to Support the ClaimClaims that antiperspirants cause cancer are typically referring to breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute has stated that they, "are not aware of... Read More »

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Can low B12 cause cancer?

On One Hand: No Link To Lung CancerVitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin and can be found in various dairy products, meats and fish. It aids your body in maintaining red blood cells and nerve cell... Read More »

Can shisha cause cancer?

Yes especially if your using tobacco its actually worse then cigs as it pure tobacco avoid it if you can

Do earphones cause cancer?

Support the cancer cause?

You got it! Tell your friend that she can beat this! I lost my dad to cancer almost 3 years ago, he was only 59. Tell her she is young and strong! Tell her not to give up or feel hopeless. Everyday... Read More »